Jose Ribes Bas with Jose Martinez-MedinaWhen it comes to outfitting the office, business leaders who demand the highest levels of form and function will have three initials in mind: not ICI or IBM as one might anticipate, but JMM.

José Martínez-Medina’s family has been manufacturing fine furniture since the 19th century, a tradition that has surely reached its apotheosis in the extraordinary designs that José Martínez-Medina has created for such illustrious clients as Telefónica, Parliament House, Intertronic – and Rimontgó.

His splendidly versatile office furniture adds a touch of sleek sophistication to even the most demanding/challenging work environments. Chairs are both stylish and comfortable, while office and conference room desks contain practical touches like built-in monitors, microphones and slide machines.

The fantastically multi-functional ‘kbinet’ is a freestanding, easily movable storage unit that can easily fit under a desk but has the illusionary property of containing much more space than even the most optimistic observer might imagine.

Jose Ribes Bas' office features in The Ultimate CollectionJMM’s latest book, The Ultimate Collection is a fascinating record of the furniture that this family company has provided for iconic buildings in Valencia, Spain and beyond. The book includes a section dedicated to Rimontgó’s Valencia headquarters, including José Ribes Bas’ personal office and the boardroom, with its large, hi-tech table.

As José Martínez-Medina repeatedly says, it’s more than furniture – and looking at some of the images in this fascinating book one can see exactly what he means.

Furniture that carries the JMM initials certainly serves a practical function but is at all times more than the sum of its parts; each lovingly crafted piece revealing a dedication to the importance of shape, texture and form.

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