On the final day of Luxury Real Estate’s 7th Annual International Symposium, held in Valencia between 29-31 January and co-hosted by Rimontgó, international delegates visited the state-of-the-art facilities of Cessna’s Valencia Service Center.

The impressive facility is headed up by Walter Berchtold, Cessna’s Regional Vice President of European Customer Service, and features 5,800 square metres of hangar space and 3,500 square metres of office space and professional crew facilities.

Situated on the edge of Valencia’s international airport, and just a short drive from the city’s downtown area, the Cessna Valencia Service Center is conveniently positioned to cater to luxury private jet users.

Opened in 2012, the brand new regional Citation Service Center provides a technical and logistical service point for Cessna clients in Western Europe and North Africa. “In providing this specialised service to a top-end clientele we are in competition with the best that Northern Europe has to offer, so we have to ensure that everything runs to perfection,” says Walter Berchtold, whose many years of experience in the field mean Cessna have complete faith in him.

In essence a one-stop service point for the repair, maintenance and customisation of private and corporate jets, as well as the fleets of specialist luxury jet operators, the centre provides round-the-clock support services that also include well-appointed pilot and crew facilities. And, underlining the theme of the recent LRE International Symposium, when Cessna needed a third Citation Service Center to support its European operations in Paris and Prague, Valencia was the location chosen for its strategic position, its technical standards and its welcoming business climate.