Situated in the town of Godella and just a few kilometres from the city of Valencia lies one of the most attractive yet unknown museums to both tourists and Valencians alike. The museum displays the collection of Alfaro Hofmann which spans the history of everyday objects from the 20th century, particularly electrical appliances. This fascinating exhibition currently comprises of a total of 5,000 pieces, including 400 electrical appliances, the earliest of which date back to the 1970s. The collection is housed in a modest building of simple lines designed by Valencian architect Emilio Giménez, so as not to subtract from the importance of the collection.

Designed in 1995, the museum consists of two rooms, one of which is dedicated to temporary exhibitions, focused on prestigious brands such as Taurus, Philips and Rowenta, and the other which displays the permanent collection. There is also a library devoted to design and architecture containing a fascinating collection of poster art focused on selling the product, which demonstrates the importance of graphic design in this sector. The permanent collection is a visual guide to 20th-century industrial design of items that were used in day to day life. The collection shows how these appliances have evolved since being introduced into our homes, triggering a leap into modernity.

The collection is classified according to typology and chronology, with items such as refrigerators, sewing machines, electric shavers, radios, telephones, hair dryers and food processors. This complete compendium of the history of modern industrial culture reveals transformations in design, manufacturing processes and materials. The brands on display include Siemens, Braun, AEG and Thomson, as well as pieces by renowned designers such as Philippe Starck.