The luxury British car firm Jaguar is soon to join the emerging trend of SUVs with the new C-X17 prototype, which will be unveiled to the public in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

This is a new gamble for Jaguar’s change in strategy, one of the recent examples of the firm’s series of estate cars. In the case of the Jaguar’s SUV, the addition of the iQ[Al] aluminum platform is particularly novel and is also set to feature in future models by the company.

Other distinctive features of the C-X17 include the Torque Vectoring technology that works in conjunction with the brake system to increase the grip, the anti-fog headlights with frosted glass, the 23-inch alloy wheel rims, the enhanced grille and the rotary dial, positioned on the gear shift, which can be raised allowing the driver to alternate between three different ways of driving.

The interior of the car is designed to seat four people, although at the back the boot hides two extra seats. As would be expected, the finishes are of the highest quality, whilst the equipment in the new C-X17 holds a well-kept secret: the backseat passengers can communicate with the driver and the front seat passenger via several touchscreen displays with Wi-Fi.