The new Rolls-Royce Wraith is the most powerful and technologically advanced model made by the British company, which took its first steps at the start of the century between the cities of Manchester and Derby.
This muscular car, distinctly sporty despite its grand dimensions, has accented aerodynamics. The buyer can exclusively personalise each model thanks to the different combinations of two-tone colours.

Under the bonnet there is a 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 engine with electronically controlled suspension, which offers a unique driving experience. The interior is enhanced by the combination of wood and leather as well as by the colourful needles of the speedometer, and the dashboard curves to match the contours of the doors. As is usual for this sophisticated English brand, classic details such as umbrellas within the doors are seen alongside new refinements, like 1340 fibre optic filaments that can be added to the vehicle’s interior roof to create a spectacular starry sky.

An example of technology featured in the new Wraith is the use of satellite transmission, which combines information received from GPS with the system of navigation in order to explore the road and pre-select the most appropriate option from among the eight different gears. The well known “Spirit of Ecstasy”, which has adorned the front bonnets of Rolls-Royce cars since its establishment, also makes an appearance within the Wraith in the centre of a touchpad, with which functions such as music and internet can be controlled. The new Wraith enables emails or text messages to be sent by giving just a simple voice command.

Highlights among the design details include the 45mm recessed vertical grille, the signature on the sides and the distinguished twin exhaust pipes. Its interior practicality and comfort is guaranteed thanks to frameless windows and the absence of the B-pillar. The Rolls-Royce Wraith adds exclusive details such as three wheel rim models, starting from the 20″ with seven spokes – the standard design of the new model – to 21″ with five or seven spokes, all semi polished and with an optional two tone colour scheme.