Paris is one of the most marvelled at cities in the world, and its crown jewel is the Eiffel Tower. However, this summer saw the opening of maybe the most exclusive, chic, and unusual restaurant ever seen in the city. Sitting atop one of Paris’ most interesting museums, the Palais de Tokyo, nestled between the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, the new Nomiya restaurant’s simplistic design is a single glass box overlooking the glorious surrounding scenery.

It is not only the dazzling view of the Eiffel Tower that makes Nomiya unique, but also its very peculiar reservation system. Interestingly enough, the restaurant has only one table that seats 12, and a reservation for two involves a romantic date with you, your loved one…and ten other complete strangers who are also seated with you.

Understandably, reservations are difficult to obtain and have to be made up to one month in advance (and one year ahead for dates such as New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, which are put up for auction). Lunch is a very reasonable 60€ per head and dinner 80€ with wine included.

This idiosyncratic location can only be enjoyed for one year, just as was the case with the luxurious Hotel Everland on the very same spot a few years ago. So enjoy it while you can.

Picture credit: Virginyyyy