Energy generation streetLondon based company, Pavegen, hopes that its eco-friendly tiles will soon become a feature of cities and towns all over Europe. The company specialises in producing paving tiles that harness the power of kinetic energy produced by people walking on them and uses it to illuminate pavements, streetlights, signs and traffic lights.

Realising that nothing demonstrates the ingenuity of their ideas more than allowing people to see it for themselves, Pavegen installed an imaginative display in the Telefónica building on the Gran Via in Madrid. It remained open for most of March and allowed visitors to experience the Pavegen products themselves.

Now Pavegen has been chosen as the key player in a new Keep Walking Project, aimed at publicising and promoting sustainable energy. Pavegen’s leading light, Laurence Kenball-Cook, attended the presentation by José Sedano, National Director of Diageo Iberia and actor Luis Tosar, who proposed that, “In uncertain times like these, it is much easier when we combine our efforts and move forward together.”

Energy generating walkwayLaurence Kemball-Cook clearly agreed with this sentiment, stating that, “If every Spaniard stepped on a Pavegen tile then enough kinetic energy would be harnessed to keep some of Madrid’s most famous monuments lit for more than 70 days.”

Spain has in recent times been at the forefront of the move towards renewable energy and it is something of which the team at Rimontgó is also mindful. As more and more of our clients demand energy–efficicient properties, we have a large range of houses with energy saving and eco-friendly features, here are just a couple:

Modern villa situated very close to the port of Jávea.

Bio-climatic home in Chiva, El Bosque, Valencia.

State-of-the-art villa in La Eliana, Valencia.