The Real club de Golf de Pedreña is unusual in many ways. Firstly, founded in 1928 it is one of the older and more established golf clubs in Spain, but whereas most of the country’s courses are scattered along the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca, these verdant corridors are situated in the beautiful region of Cantabria, on Spain’s Atlantic north coast.


Here, across the bay from the elegant city of Santander and near the exclusive village of Somo, keeping the courses green comes naturally, for while this region has itself got a noteworthy history as a stylish summer destination, the intense greenery of the landscape reminds one of Ireland. Often called the ‘other Spain’, it is an area of immense beauty, where the green of the land competes with the deep blue of the sea. Cantabria is marked by valleys and coves that afford the land a certain intimacy and romance that has made the likes of Santander a classic gem in the tradition of Biarritz, Nice or San Remo.


It is within this setting that the renowned golf club finds itself, overlooking the bay and the lights of Santander across it, yet surrounded by peace and nature. Originally formed out 274 smallholdings, the Real Golf de Pedreña rapidly became a favourite of the then-reigning royal family – a tradition that has been revived under the current king, Don Juan Carlos I. As the course evolved it also became the scene of many a national and international competition, including three Spanish Open championships and memorable encounters between some of the world’s best players.



Most prominent among these is the legendary Severiano Ballesteros, who can be considered a local and indeed a son of the club. The Real Golf de Pedreña will forever be linked to Spain’s greatest player, a further feather in the cap of a club that carries an ambience of undeniable refinement about it. A classic in every sense of the word, this is golf club with a course that has evolved and been improved over the years, but which retains the original spirit that gave it life. Today the original 18-hole course is complimented by a modern 9-hole addition – designed by none other than Seve Ballesteros.


An elegant clubhouse with restaurant, bar, terrace, swimming pools, youth club and padel tennis courts completes the list of facilities, but it is the effortless refinement of this club that continues to make it one of the most distinguished golf clubs in all of Spain.

For properties close to the Real Golf de Pedreña in the province of Cantabria, visit: Rimontgo