Recently the website of America’s CNBC network featured one of Rimontgó’s properties, Castillo de Santa Florentina-Casa Nova, under the title ‘Extreme Fireplaces’. It’s certainly true that this unique property’s scale and medieval grandeur would lend itself to some impressive fireplaces, but CNBC’s report goes on to also discuss the castle’s long history and many outstanding features.

Mentioning the fact that the Castillo de Santa Florentina was once named one of the “Most Beautiful Homes in the World” by Architectural Digest, the short introduction to the castle’s many unique features pays tribute to the monumental fireplaces, including “one in the massive sitting room and the top-heavy, wedding-cake-esque bedroom fireplace that pairs well with an equally top-heavy canopied bed.”

Naturally, American interest in this important piece of real estate will revolve around its history, and while it is true that, as the CNBC review notes, the foundations were laid during Roman times, it is the link with more recent history that is perhaps more significant to most buyers, more specifically it’s hosting of King Alfonso XIII in 1908. What his comments on the fireplaces were, one can only guess!

Rimontgó has a number of highly impressive properties on its books, from expansive city centre penthouses to immense villas by the sea, but Castle Santa Florentina-Casa Nova, with its proximity to Barcelona, its expansive domain and unmatched pedigree, is certainly one of the company’s most memorable properties.

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