The PelutiPelat photography studio, composed by the renowned professionals Jake Abbott and Juan Fleche has recently started the second edition of the Tony Abbott Photography Competition, open to professionals and amateurs from any nationality, who are currently residing in Spain. Rimontgó is one of the collaborating companies in this competition, which is particularly attractive both among professionals as well as local amateurs in the Marina Alta region.

This competition, promoted by the studio head-quartered in Dénia, is open for receiving photographs on the following topics: nature (fauna, flora and landscapes) and the rural environment of Jesús Pobre (rural architecture or landscape photography representative of the Marina Alta locality). The deadline for photographs to be submitted to the the studio, either in person or sending the image in, and within a set of conditions and circumstances, is the 7th December. After receiving the images, the jury, consisting of three professionals in the photography industry and a biologist, will choose twenty finalists. The awards ceremony will take place on the 26th of February 2016, a date on which will also take place, the opening of an exposition, which you’ll be able to see in the PelutiPelat studio up until April 2016.

In accordance with the competition categories, the jury shall award two awards: The Premio Naturaleza Casa Vigar (Casa Vigar Nature Prize), along with €600 (with two secondary awards), and the Premios Paisajismo Jesús Pobre (Jesús Pobre Landscape Prizes), along with two sums of €600 and €300 respectively. For anyone interested, all the information regarding the competition is available through the following link (Pdf in Spanish).