The Pantera Tournament is celebrated on the 4th and 5th of June in the city of Valencia, a childrens’ international rugby competition focused on bringing the values that come from playing this sport to younger children.

The tournament comes with the participation of five clubs from the Valencian Community (Les Abelles, Valencia Rugby Club, Tatami Rugby Club, CAU and Akra Bárbara) and a striking international presence through the inclusion of teams coming from France and Qatar. The competition also seeks to turn Valencia into the reference city of rugby thanks to the celebration of this tournament aimed at categories of training.

The tournament honours the form of the late Jorge Diego, “Pantera”, one of the key people in the expansion of rugby in the city of Valencia from the Les Abelles sports club. The tournament is celebrated in the sports centre that carries his name, situated in Calle Ángel Villena in the city of Valencia. The sports competition adds different recreational activities and workshops that complement the offering, especially aimed at children.

Rimontgó supports this sports initiative being one of the prominent sponsors of the tournament. The designer Modesto Granados, a regular contributor to our company, is in charge of the design of the commemorative poster of this first edition, drawn from the illustration created by Jorge Lawerta.