Terrasit logoTerrasit is an incredibly useful resource available in Castilian Spanish or Valencian. At its most basic, Terrasit is a series of maps that have been posted online for anyone to view, access and use. All the maps have been collated by the Valencian Cartographic Institute (ICV), which was tasked with finding a way to use technology to promote geographical information within the Valencian Community.

The project follows a 2007 European Community directive called INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe), which aims for all of the geographical data across Europe to be made available in a standard form.

There are many different ways in which you can use the information on Terrasit. One is to view aerial maps that have been annotated with extra information and labels. It’s easy to locate in Jávea, for example, the local churches and schools, libraries, police stations, health centres and markets. Zoom in on a map for a more detailed view. Perhaps check out the boats out at sea or have a nose in your neighbour’s garden! Plus, of course, you’ll also be able to locate the nearby protected areas, wetlands, local nature parks, caves and monuments.

But that’s just the beginning of the Terrasit experience. Working out the route from Denia to Jávea? Zoom out to see an overview of the road network from high up, and use the measuring tool to calculate the distance. Then zoom back in to find individual road names, landmarks and points of interest. Green spaces are clearly identified and named, as are the residential urbanisations and industrial estates around and about. You can even work out the area of the Parc Natural del Montgó. It can keep you busy for hours!

Terrasit mapThere is a huge wealth of information to explore for both professionals and laypersons. Aerial photos at a scale of 1:5000 have been posted from 1996 to 2010, so you can view the historical evolution of your town and even consult maps showing locations that have been damaged by fire. Developers will find it useful to access those maps locating public service installations for wastewater, sanitation, treatment plants and drinking water stations or to inspect the local authority cadastral maps.

The 2D maps are furthermore available in terrain, topographic and orthophoto options, and you can register your contact details to access amazing 3D versions. It’s also possible to overlay your maps with filters showing environmental factors, land use and green areas, then share them with friends on Facebook or Twitter, download or print them. Stick a pin in your map to highlight a location for your friends, or check the coordinates and send them a message.

With Terrasit, the whole of Valencia is at your fingertips!