Valencia is ready for the Christmas festivities. In the coming weeks, residents as well as visitors from all over the world will arrive in the city to stroll along the streets and through the squares as part of their festive itineraries. Amongst them, the calle de la Paz, is without a doubt one of the most popular in Valencia, but so is la Plaza de la Reina, la Plaza de la Virgen and that of the Ayuntamiento, where recently an ice-skating rink has been installed attracting children and adults alike! Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning the large commercial arteries which run through the city such as the calle Colón and those adjacent to the Mercado de Colón, which stands out for its beautiful Christmas tree and nativity scene or the old quarter, exemplified by the meandering network of narrow streets in the district of Carmen, featuring a variety of small shops.

For visiting families, especially those with children, Valencia has many attractions on offer. The Bioparc, recently recognized as the 9th best zoo in the world on Trip Advisor, has put into place several different initiatives with regards to the Christmas period. Bioparc is a zoo that is based on the concept of total immersion, giving visitors the opportunity to engage themselves with wild habitats such as the African savannah and many others. Regarding the holidays, the park is offering a unique entrance fee of 15 Euro for adults as well as for children (aged 4 – 12), in addition to introducing a new edition of their popular “Africa Expedition” experience whereby young children can receive a degree as experts on animals such as lemurs or elephants.

The City of Arts and Sciences welcomes visitors with an ice-skating rink, open every day of the week in the morning and afternoon. Inside the complex we can visit the Hemispheric, the largest of its kind in Spain, that offers stunning daily productions in IMAX and 3D format. In the Science Museum we can go to fascinating expositions such as “Zero Gravity”, which shows the presence of different phenomenons caused by the sun on Earth, or the Theatre of Electricity, situated in a laboratory which honours the work of the great scientist Nicola Tesla offering spectators the possibility of learning about the physical phenomenons caused by electricity such as the striking rays produced by the Tesla coil measuring more than a metre in length.

The Oceanographic, the largest aquarium in Europe, offers visitors an immersion in aquatic habitats such as the tropical seas and the Mediterranean, Arctic and Antarctic Seas. Amongst the best experiences is the possibility of spending a night under the magnificent shark tank or enjoying the great spectacle of the dolphin arena.

Last but not least is the fabulous circus world which will soon arrive in Valencia. During Christmas, a large number of companies congregate in the capital of the Turia to offer sessions to young children filled with magic. The offer is extensive and is well worth a visit: The Great World Circus, “el Circ de Nadal” (the Christmas Circus), the Wonderland circus, the Alaska circus and the Great Fele Circus, all already occupy different spots across Valencia with their large tents complete with artists ready to present awe-inspiring shows filled with wonder to young ones.