Together with the Fundación InnDEA, the city council of Valencia  has recently released a new application for Android and IOS, which offers various functions, as well as an abundance information about points of interest for citizens, in relation to the city of Valencia.

AppValencia, as the app is called, is already available to download and brings together all the apps that were developed by the Valencian town council, including Valenbisi, EMT and Museos de Valencia. Additionally, AppValencia will serve as direct communication tool with citizens, as you can subscribe to different channels about cultural or sporting activities and traffic or emergencies, among others. This way, citizens will receive a notification on their mobile when something of interest to them happens. This interaction with citizens will also include information targeted to their geolocation. With GPS technology, AppValencia will be able to inform you about nearby streets with heavy traffic. However, this interaction also works as a two way stream, as citizens can inform the council about road accidents and upload a picture with geotag from their mobiles.

The new app developed by the Ayuntamiento de Valencia also offers information about the municipality, including the daily agenda, street maps and an interactive map that gives you live traffic information. The Las Fallas weren’t left out of the new app either, which includes an interactive map with the location of monuments and additional information. Augmented reality is another added function, through which you can access buildings or points of interest, as well as municipal services.

This new app will allow you to speed up administrative paperwork in relation to Valencia’s town council, such as obtaining certificates, paying taxes, fees and fines or making an appointment. Lastly, you can download this app on your mobile for free and receive useful and detailed information about nearby services. Within a 300 metre radius, the app gives you precise information about public parking spaces, taxi ranks and Valenbisi dock-in stations, among other information of interest.