MarinerThe Valencian-based furniture company Mariner, who celebrated their 120th birthday last year, is due to travel to Italy again to attend the next Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the Milan Furniture Fair. The fair will be held from 8 to 13 April and is the most important of its kind in Europe regarding the latest trends in furniture and design which welcomes the presence of the Valencian firm Mariner for their impressive trajectory and international vocation.

During the Milan Furniture Fair, Mariner will occupy pavilion three as they present the latest pieces from the Classic and Gallery lines, also on display at the Feria Hábitat Valencia, to an international audience. The Classic collection features Empire-inspired pieces illustrated by the fine, handcrafted materials used suchGallery Collection as oak wood, but also in hand-cut elements and gold leaf. For the Gallery line, Mariner attempts to combine the latest trends with their rich, artisanal tradition in order to capture the interest of the next generation of consumers. Lacquered wood and silver-coated bronze handles are some of the key features of this new, Art Deco-inspired collection which clearly distinguishes the line from the more classic pieces made by this century-old Valencian company.