From the 1st to the 5th of February, Valencia welcomes the new edition of the “Valencia Disseny Week” (Design week in Valencia), an event organised by the Designers Association of the Valencian Community (Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunidad Valenciana), and which brings together a variety of activities linked to the world of design in our city. In Valencia, this event coincides the same time as the new edition of “Nos Vemos en Valencia” which brings together the trade fairs of “Cevisama”, “Hábitat Valencia” and “Fimma-Maderalila” taking place at the iconic Feria de Muestras de Valencia.

Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) offers an excellent overview of the design sector in Valencia. In fact, the events organised from their own design studio and completed by other important initiatives. For example, this is the case of “Carne Fresca”, an exposition which, in the centre of contemporary creation of Las Naves, brings together the work of the most remarkable design students, coming from different schools in the city. One of the superior centers of art and design, EASD Valencia, organises “Diálogos”, an educational event with professionals known in the world of graphic and product design invited, like Nani Marquina or La Granja. The university UCH-CEU promotes the workshops “Design Works”, held at the Palacio de Colomina, and includes prestigious professionals, like Kike Correcher, Pedro González and Modesto Granados.

Another event particularly set apart from others: CONECTA. It’s about an initiative put in place by the architecture studio Correoviejo, Housedoit and the digital magazine DissenyCV. It takes place on the 3rd and 4th of February and shows, on site “Plaza Correoviejo de Ciutat Vella”, an important programme with some activities concerning design. You can find a round table, an exhibition of graffiti done by Julieta XLF and a new edition of PechaKucha Night Valencia, an event concerning the spreading of design and which exposes projects by professional designers like Ricardo Alcaide, Gustavo Solana, Joan Quirós (creator of the poster of this edition), or the architect Rafa Rivera and the illustrator Sento Llobell, creators (along with the deceased Manolo García) of the Gulliver’s project. CONECTA will end with music, thanks to the presence of the Valencian group Pronoise.