Starting Saturday 17th January, Valencia will host a new edition of World Press Photo, considered to be one of the most prestigious festivals dedicated to photojournalism in the world. With more than 7000 visitors attending the previous edition, the Palacio de Valeriola, where the Chirivella Soriano Foundation is based (the organization responsible for the exhibition together with the photography association Doctor Nopo), will once again be the chosen site for the exhibition. The edition will showcase more than 130 images selected by a jury of professionals in graphic journalism from the 57th World Press Photo Contest, ranging from complete photographic reports to unique snapshots.

Out of the selected images, one photo by John Stanmayer stands out in particular. The photo, depicting a group of African immigrants on the coast of Djibouti trying to receive signal on their mobile phones, won the prestigious Photo of the Year award in 2014. Amongst the photographers showcased in the latest edition of this prestigious international competition, there are also two Spanish professionals. One of which is Pau Barrena, an award-winning photographer in the category of portraits for his photograph of a young Berber, and the other is Moisés Samán, included thanks to his photograph of a Syrian rebel soldier preparing an explosive device.

However, World Press Photo is a lot more than simply a photography exhibition as it invites the visitor to reflect upon the current state of affairs in the world today and understand the message communicated by each image, which most certainly transcends the visual meaning. The exhibition offers a window to other countries, cultures and realities and encourages visitors to take a critical approach to the work on display. The new edition of World Press Photo will take place at the Palacio de Valeriola (calle Valeriola 13, Valencia) until the 15th February.