An agreement of cooperation was signed recently that will link Valencia’s Polytechnic with the University of Texas at San Antonio. This will make it easier for these two educational establishments to establish new programmes to facilitate the exchange of students, lecturers and ideas.

Representatives from Valencia Polytechnic, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2008, contacted UTSA’s Executive Vice Provost, Julius Gribou, who declared this new academic marriage “a good match”. Pointing out Valencia’s reputation as a centre of architectural innovation, he added, “…our architecture programme, for example, can benefit by visiting the Valencia campuses and our students can see the classical and modern structures as they walk around Valencia.”

Given Texas’s historical link with Spanish culture, this new initiative is sure to benefit both parties. Valencia Polytechnic’s President, Juan Julia Igual, has worked tirelessly to raise its profile and his hard graft is paying dividends.

The union between the two universities has been widely publicised in America, with Valencia Polytechnic’s ability to offer courses taught through the medium of English receiving a great deal of positive coverage.

America’s interest in Spain has always been considerable and with Mexico only a short distance away, the influence of Spanish culture has always been especially strong in San Antonio.

The people of Valencia are now looking forward to a new era of friendly cooperation, along with an influx of new Texan visitors.

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