Valencia as seen from the new Sightsmap appSightsmap is Google’s latest app which enables users to discover cities’ hotspots and the world’s most visited places via photos uploaded by Panoramio users. This innovative application combines these photos with Wikipedia and FourSquare to compile a complete multi-coloured infographic displaying the most photographed sights around the world. This Google-designed infographic locates these uploaded images via geolocation, resulting in an ever-changing virtual world map that updates every minute.

This unique tool accurately reveals the most popular places in every city around the world. Prime areas of interest for both visitors and tourists alike in Valencia, for example, are displayed as an indication that they are the most photographed places. Sightsmap also provides the option for users to filter by category this list of sights, such as ‘Museums and art spaces’ ‘, ‘Shops’, ‘Nightlife’, ‘Restaurants’, and ‘Places to stay’.

Hotspots in the centre of ValenciaAccording to data compiled by Sightsmap, the list of top 10 sights in the city of Valencia is (before filtering):

  1. Plaza de la Reina
  2. Príncipe Felipe Museum (City of Arts and Sciences)
  3. Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  4. Plaza de la Virgen
  5. Plaza Redonda
  6. The Serrano Towers
  7. L’Umbracle (City of Arts and Sciences)
  8. The Silk Exchange building (La Lonja)
  9. Plaza de Toros
  10. L’Oceanogràfic (City of Arts and Sciences)


If we break down this information into categories, the City of Arts and Sciences, due to the fact it’s a complex of buildings, comes top for the Museum group. The media store FNAC on Guillem de Castro is listed as the most visited shopping area, whilst the nightlife hub in the city of Valencia appears to be the area surrounding the Ciutat Vella, the historical city centre, not far from the Plaza de la Virgen and near to the Carmen district.