Think of the world of Formula 1 and the name that will spring to your mind first of all is very likely to be Italy’s most glamorous marque, Ferrari. Male ambition can usually be measured only by the size of the toys involved. From happy days spent with a Hot Wheels model of a blood red Ferrari 512 S to saving up for that ever-elusive Ferrari Spider as an adult, the spell of Ferrari, once cast, is seldom broken.

Now fans will have the opportunity to enter Ferrari World in a very immediate sense when the world’s first Ferrari themed amusement park opens in Abu Dhabi.

Expectations for the bold venture are already sky high, not surprisingly considering that this 20,000m2 paean to boys’ toys will be the biggest covered park in the world. The imaginatively designed roof was inspired by the double curve of the Ferrari GT and is crowned by a badge measuring 65×48 metres. Inside visitors will be encouraged to enjoy a ride on the fastest rollercoaster in the world; the cars, in the form of red fireballs, will race around the track at speeds in excess of 200kph.

Given the worldwide obsession with the brand it is anticipated that Ferrari will extend its reach far beyond the Middle East. Spain’s El Mundo newspaper reported that officials from the Comunidad Valenciana were present when dignitaries from the United Arab Emirates recently visited the site on which Ferrari World is being built.

Ferrari has already stated its intention to open more theme parks and rumours are rife that Valencia is one of the cities most likely to be benefiting from their own Ferrari World. Officials from the Sign of the Prancing Horse have confirmed that Europe is at the top of their list and, since Valencia is currently enjoying pole position as a Formula 1 venue, it is likely to be one of the preferred locations.

Mickey Mouse, hang onto your comedy ears! With its winning combination of speed and style the stage looks set for Ferrari World to become the theme park of the 21st century.