Archdaily is one of the most influential digital platforms on international architecture. The web page annually awards ‘Building of the Year’ prizes to the most recognised architectural projects, based on the readers’ votes. The properties are compiled into lists consisting of various categories, ranging from residential properties, office buildings, business premises, hospitality, public use buildings such as libraries, hospitals and sports centres, as well as religious buildings, small scale architecture and a specific category for renovations.

Photo by Mariela Apollonio

In recent years, it has become common place to see Spanish architectural works among those selected. Continuing their streak, the Valencian architects Ramón Esteve and Fran Silvestre make an appearance for their second time on this occasion in the residential property section, along with other recognised professionals such as Antonio Altarriba or the architectural duo of Arturo Sanz & Carmel Gradoli.

Photo by Joan Guillamat

Spanish architect Jaime Sanahuja also makes an appearance in other categories for the remodel of the Vista Alegre promenade, in the town of Alcossebre. This project, which won the Porcelanosa architectural award last year, includes a latticed information point for tourists, allowing natural light to enter the building. The lattice effect is frequently used on homes along the Mediterranean coast.

The Porcelanosa company hailing from Castellón, once again receives a special mention, thanks to a project of theirs where the brand new material Krion is the star of the show; the tourist information points in Madrid, designed by Jose Maria Sanz and Irene Brea.

Photo by David Frutos

Archdaily also highlighted another project located in the province of Alicante; the Hotel-Spa La Romana by the architect Isaac Peral accentuated by its heavy marble design, characteristic of the area. Currently Peral, alongside his fellow architect Luis Carreira, face the challenge of the reforming the Estación de Autobuses de Alicante (Alicante Coach Station).