Milan’s most recent Salone Internazionale del Mobile saw the latest creations by acclaimed Valencian designers on display at what is now thought to be the world’s most important expo of design trends.

For some time now, the Valencian-born architect and designer Ramón Esteve has been collaborating with prestigious Valencian companies which has earned him significant international recognition. The fruit of this strong relationship with Vondom was Daybed VELA as part of the outdoor furniture collection VELA, where comfort and characteristic qualities of the indoor furniture are taken outside. The padded Daybed VELA by Esteve reclines in a unique way, at both the head rest or the feet, and includes a fitted ice bucket.

Similarly the company Inclass also enjoyed Esteve’s contributions to their line Elements XS, presented in Milan, featuring sofas, armchairs and side tables of various sizes and measurements with adaptable shapes to easily work in any architectural design or space.

Attention was also drawn to designer Borja García at this most recent Milan Furniture Fair. For Valencian company Gandía Blasco , specialists in outdoor furniture, García created Starck, a nautical-inspired foldaway outdoor furniture collection with touches of 60s and 70s detailing.  The extruded aluminum frame is covered with a self-supporting fabric, an innovative design taken from the Gandía Blasco collections, achieving a simple, light and comfortable structure. The result is a system of pieces to suit public or commercial spaces as well as smaller residential purposes.

Borja García initials also feature on the extended collection Breda by the Valencian company Punt (formerly known as Punt Mobles). Presented last year, this line has grown to include a sofa, coffee tables and beds.

Punt also shines thanks to the contribution of Víctor Carrasco’s work as seen in Mirrod, an asymmetrical structure of mirrors and small boxes. This decorative series of unlikely shapes will add a playful and casual feel to any kind of neutral space.

Carrasco has also lent his talents to Viccarbe, another Valencian firm with clear international aspirations, in their Klip design, a curved oak-wood chair for the home or facilities. Its name refers to the shape of the backrest which can be used as both a handle to easily move the chair as well as a hook to hang your handbag from.

Last but not least, Valencian-born designer José Manuel Ferrero’s vital contribution to the company Point was showcased in the Mist collection, where a reinforced, lacquered metal structure combines with a braided synthetic fibre which adds a unique touch to this flowerpot-cum-lamp.