From 11 October to 7 November this leading Spanish artist from Valencia will be in the limelight in Rome, with an exhibition at the Royal Spanish Academy dedicated entirely to her work. Entitled ‘El Poder de la Huella’ – or The Power of Impressions – the exhibition explores the energy of nature and how we draw inspiration from it. Through her paintings, video art and plastic arts, she invites the visitor to explore, experiment and imagine the invisible ties that link us to the elements and natural energy all around us.

Also present are the art books this practising artist and university lecturer has produced. Together with her oeuvre of painted work they represent a journey that has led her through many international exhibitions and prestigious awards to where she is now. The impressions she creates are powerful and immediate, communicating with a part of us that most often lies dormant but is awakened through the impact of art. Cano uses this process as a metaphor for natural energy, aware that she – like most artists – depends on the interaction between the natural and the human worlds for her inspiration.

Her metier, however, also extends itself to ceramics, which she uses to create a mosaical depiction of a human face that is not visible close up. “I like to engage people at my exhibitions. In my view an art gallery is not a place to passively come and look at something that is completed, but rather a place where each visitor adds their own chapter or ending to an open, living book. The only difference is that this ‘book’ is visual, but it is equally a product of mind, heart and spirit, an opportunity to escape the confines of everyday considerations and allow ourselves to inhabit a world of our own creation for a little while.”

The exhibition is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 1pm, and from 4pm to 7pm at the Real Academia de España, Piazza san Pietro in Montorio 3, Roma.